We are offering free piano classified ad services.  If you have a piano or piano related products to sell, you can add your listing by going to our add listing page at the following link:



1.  Be sure to choose the
FREE CLASSIFIEDS category.  Fill in the blanks and type in the confirmation code.    Make sure that you do not have the CAP LOCKS on your keyboard turned on.   The confirmation code should be typed in the lower case. 

2.  For private sale, you can leave the address blank, but be sure to give the general area of where the piano is located.  Phone no. is optional, but please provide an email address, as it is the best way to establish contact. 

3.  When you are finished, go back to the Free Classifieds category, REFRESH the page, and you will see your listing published.

4.  You can add one photo or image.

5.  As most pianos listed are private pianos, most of them will not have a website.  So, clicking on the ad heading will not lead you to a website.  Instead, click on link details to review your detailed listing.


see example below of an ad showing the link details:

NORDISKA Baby grand for sale